DIY – Simple Healing Cannabis Salve For Eczema

Cannabis also known as marijuana, is the jack of all plants. It has a never-ending list of uses and some fantastic health benefits that are still to this day looked into. One of its most thriving successes is its use in the topicals, from infused lotions to balms and salves. 

Cannabis-infused oils and butters are readily available. Moreover, adding a few handy apothecary items, you can make your salves at home. Salves are a great way to relieve pain! As they are applied to your skin, and do not make you high, which means you can use them during work or at anytime of the day. Before we proceed to the recipe, let us see what makes cannabis so unique.


Cannabis is rich in CBD, a chemical that influences our mind, making it stay more focused without the side effects of getting it high. Furthermore, it’s abundant in THC, another compound that relieves pain, but it is likely to make you a little high. Both of these show their best performance in salves and other topical products. But what are CBD and THC?


CBD stands for “Cannabidiol,”one of the many 100 chemical compounds found in the plant. It is the least intoxicating compound of the hemp plant and has quite a reputation for fixing everyday ailments.


On the other hand, THC stands for “tetrahydro-cannabinol.” It is “psychoactive” in nature and is responsible for the “high” experienced when smoking marijuana.

The difference between the two is that CBD is not Psychoactive. This characteristic of the CBD makes it appealing to people who aren’t into feeling trippy, but more into reliving their pain.

CBD oil contains the extracts of the cannabis plant. These are mixed with carrier oils like hemp seed, coconut, sweet almond, or even olive oil.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is known to show an array of benefits. It fights insomnia, spasticity, and even anxiety. In the case of anxiety, CBD can act on the brain’s receptors that control serotonin, the happy hormone that affects your mood.

Furthermore, it also treats fatal conditions like epilepsy and back pain. It is also known to relieve cancer-related symptoms such as pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Another use of CBD oil is in curing acne. CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and is capable of reducing sebum production, which is the number one cause of acne.

Benefits of CBD Salve

As cannabis topicals are not psychoactive, it’s a very safe way to harness the benefits of the cannabis plant. Following are some of the benefits of CBD salve:

1. Treats Skin Conditions like Psoriasis:

People living with Psoriasis know what it’s like painful red itchy patches. Recent researches have shown that CBD salves successfully inhibit the buildup of skin cells and provide relief from the constant itch.

2. Alleviates mild Skin Irritations:

CBD salves provide “localized pain relief”along with catering to swelling. They are also used for scratches, bug bites and other skin ailments.

3. Youthful Skin:

The cannabis plant is a powerful antioxidant and a must-have in your skin regimen for young and healthy-looking skin. It accelerates the healing process while simultaneously reducing tissue damage.

Ingredients ⭐️

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2 Tbsp.

Shea Butter

shea butter 200x120

2 Tbsp.


200x100 beeswax

1 Cup.

Hemp Oil

oil bottle small

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

Make your own double boiler: Put a small pot or glass bowl over a larger pan containing a small amount of water.

Step 2

Pour CBD oil into your small pot or bowl and let the water gently simmer.

Step 3

Add in beeswax and stir regularly. Use a wooden spoon or a Popsicle stick. Once the beeswax has completely melted, add in the shea butter and continue to stir till it dissolves.

Step 4

Pour hot salve carefully into a container of choice and let sit until it solidifies. It can take an hour or two maximum.

How To Use ❓

Apply topically to areas and feel your pain go away in only few minutes!

Notes 📌

Instead of a small pot/bowl to make your double boiler, you can also use a glass pyrex measuring cup.

Unrefined shea butter can also work, but it has a discrete smell.

This DIY Salve has a shelf life of one year.

You can heat stuff directly in your saucepan (no double boiler), but make sure you keep the heat low, or you might end up burning your cannabis.

DIY2 simple healing cannabis salve

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