DIY – Vegan Hydrating Body Lotion Bars For Dry Skin

There is a misconception that lotions are only needed for survival in the winters. They are required whenever your skin is dry. Period.

Dry skin is a hazard in both winters and summers. In winters, the harsh temperature necessitates full coverage of body lotion to protect and keep the skin from losing too much moisture. The same can be applied in summers to avoid heat burns from the rising temperatures and to keep it from losing too much moisture.

An excellent way to form a protective barrier is by keeping it hydrated and moisturized—what better way to do that than with a Lotion bar? Lotion Bars are an excellent way to form a protective barrier against the seasonal changes in temperatures.

Being free of preservatives, unlike commercial lotions, they tend to last longer. Moreover, temperature changes bring no alterations to its formula. You consume the product in its entirety in comparison to a commercial lotion that has gone rancid due to fluctuations in heat.

What’s a Lotion Bar?

A lotion bar is simply a solid lotion shaped into bars for easy application. It looks and acts like a bar of soap; changes in temperature do not affect it. It only melts when in contact with the heat from our body.

Lotion bars are very environmentally friendly as they do not require plastic containers. If need be, it can easily be put into empty deodorant stick containers.

There are also “Exfoliating Lotion Bars” that have sea salts or sugar added to them. They do double duty, exfoliate and moisturize simultaneously!

Common Ingredients Used in Lotion Bars

 Most lotion bars consist of all organic and naturally occurring ingredients. These include mostly natural oils and butters such as jojoba oil, essential oils, hemp oil or sweet almond oil and shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and avocado butter, respectively. You can also add flower infused oils to the mix.

The dandelion infused oil is a go-to as dandelions are a powerhouse of vitamins (A, C, B6, K) and are rich in trace elements (Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus). Furthermore, they help heal cracked skin and eczema.

How long will one Lotion Bar last?

One lotion bar lasts at least eight to ten uses. With lotion bars, less is more. So it depends on how long you rub and with how much pressure. In summers, you are likely to get cracked heels and use only in areas that require it. On the other hand, for winters, you’re likely to use it more often and on the entire body.

Why you should invest in a Lotion Bar?

Below are three reasons why a lotion bar is a good investment!

  1. It is Chemical free: It is free of nasties like Parabens, Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), preservatives, and petroleum. Most commercial lotions are full of such chemicals.
  2. Environmental Friendly: Its plastic free! Moreover, the all-natural ingredients have a low impact on the environment. As an individual, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint. Might not seem like much, but baby steps go a long way—win for Mother Earth.

Ingredients ⭐️

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1/4 Cup.

Shea Butter

shea butter 200x120

1/2 Cup.


200x100 beeswax

1/4 Cup.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil small

2 Tbsp.

Dandelion Infused Oil

oil bottle small

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

First, combine all your ingredients and place on the heat in a double boiler- lace canning rings on the bottom of the pan and place a glass container on top.

Step 2

Stir the mixture occasionally and ensure everything melts. The beeswax may take longer, around 15-20 mins. Once all is melted, remove from heat.

Step 3

Lastly, pour the mixture into molds of your choice and place them in the refrigerator to cool. Depending on the mold size, cooling time can vary from 30 mins to a few hours. Pop them and apply to your heart’s content.

How To Use ❓

The best time to use your lotion bar is after a shower when your pores are open. It will allow for deeper penetration and provide an effective barrier against the heat or cold. Moreover, it will soften the cuticles on your hand. Also, using it after hair removal on your legs and arms will result in smoother skin.

The lotion bar is going to remain firm even at room temperature. In contrast, it will only melt once in contact with body heat. Rub the bar between your hands to warm it up and then glide over your dry skin.

Notes 📌

Please place your lotion bar in a well-drained soap dish. Also, be careful as it can leave a surface slippery

For best results, use dandelion infused oil. Else you can use carrier oils like avocado, almond, or jojoba oil. In contrast, avoid coconut oil as it tends to freeze up at low temperatures.


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