DIY – Avocado Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Before we even knew that avocado can be used as a face-care product, we were still using it every morning, but as a part of our breakfast.

When we first heard about a friend who uses the avocado as her face mask to help her skin glow, we we’re curious, but you know, it’s avocado, it can’t be bad for us.

So we decided to explore the avocado’s effect on our face, and as a permanent ingredient in our skincare daily routine, and translate it into a DIY recipe to make at home avocado face mask. 🥑

So what is so special about the avocado you ask? 🤔
Avocado contains high amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that help our skin to moisturize and revitalize itself.

Because of it’s rich vitamin amount, the avocado helps to plump and hydrate the skin, which will reduce wrinkles over time.

The use of avocado in our daily skincare routine will refine the pores, tighten the skin, and will give it a boost of glowth, so we could feel as yound and fresh as we desire! 🤩

Let’s not forget that the avocado cant make a facial mask by itself, it needs help.

To this recipe, we added a banana 🍌, and why is it? Banana contains vitamin A that restores moisture and smoothens the rough layers of our skin. 

In order for this face mask to get the right texture we added some olive oil into the recipe.

Ofcourse we didn’t leave the lavender essential oil for the aroma. 🌺🌺

So after we covered all the benefits of the avocado for our skin, and talked about what’s in this recipe, what do you say? Shall we continue?
Let’s head on to the recipe!⏬

DIY13 avocado face mask for glowing skin

Ingredients ⭐️

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Ripe Banana

1 Tbsp.

Olive Oil

3 Drops.

Lavender Essential Oil


Sonic Facial Cleanser

sonic facial cleansing device

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

Set up a work space with a banana and avocado. Now you gonna need a bowl, olive oil & lavender essential oil.

Step 4

Peel the banana and the avocado, add it to the bowl together with the tablespoon of the olive oil.

Step 3

Add the lavender essential oil to our bowl, mash it all togethter and start mixing well.

How To Use ❓

Start with putting a hot towel over your face for 40 seconds before applying. The hot towel will open the pores in our face and will let the skin soak in the nutrients out of the avocado. Now lather some of the mask to your hand, and start applying a thin layer of the mask on your face. Once done, apply another layer on top of your layer, and let sit for atleast 45 minutes. Rinse off with hot water.

Notes 📌

This mask does not have a long shelf-life. This recipe takes about 5 minutes of making. Make sure to prepare the amount for a single use in order to maintain its freshness.

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