DIY – All Natural Nail Polish

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Our nails… That’s a sensitive topic around houses with women inside.

The treatment with our nails, that help us stay sane, with the unique design and color for every one of us.

Isn’t that something?
What if we told you you could make a container of nails polish by yourself?

Made with natural ingredients and few simple preparation steps.👡👡

We are not confused!😵
We know many of your love to pay a visit to their cosmetician to fix their nails professionally.

This DIY recipe in this blog post today of natural nail polish is especially for your little kids’ activity.

Without any unnecessary expenses, you can make and use a nail polish that is made with whatever ingredient you have at home!🏡

As we mentioned, this nail polish recipe is made with natural ingredients alone to prevent animal cruelty, and chemicals affect our skin, to those of you who are sensitive to chemicals.

Made with cold-pressed olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E, jojoba oil, alkanet root powder, and ginger root powder. 

With all of these involved, there is no way to skip this recipe.😡

Think about it, while you’re busy doing your nails, and your kid is right next to you, wouldn’t it be nice if she could polish her nails with her natural nail polish?💅🏼

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Ingredients ⭐️

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4 Tbsp.

Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

1/2 Tsp.


3 Drops.

Vitamin E Oil

1/2 Tsp.

Jojoba Oil

2 Tsp.

Alkanet Root Powder

3 Tsp.

Ginger Root Powder

Nail Polish Container

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

In a double boiler, boil the olive oil on low heat, then add the alkanet root powder, and the ginger root powder.

Step 4

Let sit on low heat for 2 minutes and remove from the heat.

Step 3

Add the beeswax and melt it inside

Step 4

Add the jojoba oil and blend, than let it cool

Step 5

Apply the polish while still slightly warm.

Step 6

Pour into a jar for preservation, keep in mind that you need to heat it everytime you want to apply the nail polish.

How To Use ❓

Remove the layers of any nail polish you have on your nails. Once done, clean you nails well and let them dry. Once done, With a brush, starting brushing your first layer on your fingers, let it dry. Once dried, apply the second layer on your fingers, keep going with the layers until you get the desired color.

Notes 📌

This recipe is brought to you today, in order to promote skincare at home, and promote cruelty-free recipe.

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