DIY – “Garden Essence” Natural Roll-on Perfume with Essential Oil Blend

You’ve run out of your favorite bottle of perfume again and that too soon!! Smelling nice has now become a luxury since perfumes are costly—an excellent, high brand perfume cost at least $30 or more.

But here is the fun bit, you can make your own perfumes at home! The recipe is straightforward and gratifying as you get to customize the fragrance according to your tastes. It is inexpensive, and you smell like whatever your heart desires! With a few essential oils and vodka, you have your fragrance ready in a jiffy.

Why Use Vodka?

Most perfumes are already alcohol-based. Using vodka as your base is excellent for making spray perfumes. Vodka lets you experience all the notes thoroughly – top, middle and base notes in comparison to perfume oils—one spritz of this lasts a whole day. 

Alcohol, in general, helps hold the scent molecules together. As it is volatile and evaporates quickly, it gets diffused in the air just as quickly. 70% of commercially sold fragrances are alcohol-based.

Finding the right alcohol for your perfume can be a daunting task. “perfumers” alcohol and denatured alcohol is not readily available. Vodka works just as well as clcohol when creating your own DIY perfume. Be sure to buy the “highest proof” vodka.

Essential Oils

If you want a long-lasting perfume, you need to use quality ingredients to create one. Getting cold-pressed essential oils from reliable organic companies is the right way to go about this. Several certified companies sell essential oils at affordable prices.  Moreover, a good quality essential oil will ensure lasting results and an excellent aroma!

Bergamot Essential Oil

This oil comes from bergamot oranges. Over 90% of Earth’s supply of bergamot comes from southern Italy – responsible for producing 125 metric tons per year. A 100 oranges yield only 3 ounces of essential oil which is a sweet-smelling extract taken when the fruit is most ripe during the cold months, from November to January.

Often acts as the top note oil as it has an overpowering smell. It’s a very sought after perfume ingredient because of its capability to balance the mix of different aromas. Moreover, it enhances the fragrance!

Bay Essential Oil

Bay Essential Oil is also known as “West Indian Bay Essential Oil. The aroma is often described as medicinal, fruity, spicy, and herbaceous, which makes it perfect for this spicy DIY blend. 

It is a a warming oil and a favorite in the cold winter months. The initial aroma varies between mild to intense. Being masculine and spicy, it is often the middle note in perfumery blends. Apart from its pleasant smell, it is also known to stimulate blood circulation. When used in dilution and massaged, it helps heal strains and sprains.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil is an extract from the roots of the unique vetiver plant. Its fragrance is very earthy and powerful. The slow evaporation rate and pleasant aroma makes it a perfume in itself.

This oil is also highly soluble in alcohol and further improves the blend of other fragrances. Being a unique perfumery source, no synthetic equivalent has been found for it yet. It is composed of multiple “sesquiterpenes,” giving Vetiver oil a grounding effect when mixed with other elements.

Apart from its use as a perfume, its earthy smell has a calming effect and is a crucial oil in body massages. It also supports internal intake and directly helps to boost our immune system.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil, also known as orange blossom oil, is an essential oil extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees. This oil has a rich, floral scent, with citrusy overtones. It is often the base note in perfumes and other scented products.

Also known to have a soothing effect on one’s mood and is, therefore, a key ingredient in body lotions and cosmetics. It also shows its prowess in aromatherapy. Apart from being used in perfumes, evidence also indicates that it helps with conditions like anxiety and depression, seizures and high blood pressure, and menopausal symptoms. 

diy6 Garden essence roll-on perfume with essential oil blend

Ingredients ⭐️

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1 Fluid Ounce.


Plastic Atomizer Bottle Pulverization Water . Glass Bottle Spray Lance With Trigger For Cleanliness Liquid. Refillable Package Device For Scour Fluid Realistic 3d Illustration

11 Drops.

Bergamot Essential Oil

oil bottle small

8 Drops.

Bay Essential Oil

oil bottle small

3 Drops.

Vetiver Essential Oil

oil bottle small

3 Fluid Ounces.

Distilled Water

water bottle

2 Drops.

Neroli Essential Oil

oil bottle small

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

Pour alcohol into a clean glass jar.

Step 2

Add essential oils with a dropper and stir the mixture well.

Step 3

Let it be for 2 – 5 weeks. Be sure to shake it once in every week.

How To Use ❓

First of all shake the fragrance and then apply the perfume on bare skin. As when applied on the clothes, they might obstruct the fragrance. The fragrance does its magic when applied on the pulse point and on the neck. 

Notes 📌

If you are pregnant, avoid the use of essential oils.

You can either clean the dropper with rubbing alcohol between each essential oil use or use separate droppers altogether for each essential oil.

diy2 Garden essence roll-on perfume with essential oil blend

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