DIY – Vanilla-Milk Bath Bombs

Remember the feeling we had as children walking our way to the bubbly bath that mom has set up for us?😍 Full of excitement with the bubbles and dolls we’re gonna play with during our daily bath time.🛁

BUT, what if we’ve told you, that we know the adult version for a bubbly, aromatic bath?🤭

What would you say if we told that the excitement you’re gonna have as an adult is much bigger then when we were kids?😯

We bet some of you already figured out what we’re gonna talk about in this blog post.

That’s right! Bath Bombs!💣💣

In this blog post today, we’re going to teach you guys how to make all-natural Vanilla-Milk Bath Bombs, for bath exfoliation, calmness, and a bit of some nostalgic memories.🧠

Most of us out there think that the natural bath bombs recipe is only for a pleasant hot bath, using the bath bombs for aroma uses, which is fine.

Natural Bath Bombs has many exfoliating nutrients that soak into our bodies while laying down in our bath. That’s why knowing about every ingredient in a bath bomb recipe is so crucial.🚩

Let’s head on and figure out what’s making this recipe whole!

Why is Baking Soda & Citric Acid needed in bath bombs?🍊🤍 

When coming in touch with water, the baking soda and the citric acid react to make carbon dioxide, which makes our bath bubbly.

When we were talking about the bubble in our bath, we were talking about adding the baking soda and citric acid into our recipes.

Why is Cornstarch used in Bath Bombs recipes?🌽 

The Cornstarch in this recipe acts as a “filler”, which its role is to control the reaction and chemistry between the Baking Soda & Citric Acid.

The role of the Cornstarch is to slow down the dissolving rate for both. (Citric Acid & Baking Soda)

Why did we use Powdered Milk in this DIY bath bombs recipe?🤍

The milk powder contains a high amount of fatty acids & moisturizing properties, which transforms the texture of our bath water into a lush and silky texture.

The milk powder also contains linoleic acid which supports the skin structure and rejuvenates our dead skin cells.

And what about the Vanilla Essential oil?🌼 

Vanilla essential oils have a variety of uses including relieving symptoms of PMS, combating cancer, raising libido, lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, and decreasing depression.

Can you imagine something more soothing with those uses and the moist, calming aroma of vanilla?

Why did we use the Almond Oil in this DIY bath bombs recipe?🌰

For centuries almond oil has been used to treat dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Acne improves.

The fatty acid content of the oil may help remove excess oil on the skin while the oil’s retinoids may minimize the appearance of acne and enhance cell turnover. It helps to reverse damage from the sun.

Now that we’ve done covering every ingredient and its effect on this recipe, its time to keep on scrolling down and get on to making your natural bath bombs with just a couple of simple preparation steps.💖

DIY13 Vanilla Milk Bath Bombs

Ingredients ⭐️

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1 Cup.

Baking Soda

1/2 Cup.

Citric Acid

1/2 Cup.

Powdered Milk

15 Drops.

Vanilla Essential Oil

2 Tbsp.

Almond Oil

1/4 Cup.


1/2 Cup.


Bath Bomb Mold

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

Mix the baking soda, citric acid and milk powder .

Step 4

Add the vanilla and almond oil before mixing again, add the water and mix again

Step 3

fill the molds with the mixture and combine two molds together

Step 4

Let it dry and put in a glass container

How To Use ❓

Fill you bathtub with warm water as much as you like
Take the wrapped bath bombs above the bathtub, unwrap the bombs and drop inside the bathtub.
Wait for the bubbles to kick in, and enjoy your new-styled bath. 🛁🛁

Notes 📌

Bath bombs will get less effective as time goes on. The fresher they are, the faster they’ll fizz
The bath bombs will start fizzing 5 minutes from your drop

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