DIY – The Hair Growth Hair Serum For All Hair Types

Anything that helps in making hair smooth and put together is a must-have in our busy lives. Hair serums are one such product that brings life to hair.  There are various types and brands, but as most commercial products, they’re a pump full of chemicals: parabens, preservatives, and other nasties that are not healthy for your hair in the long run. Going organic or whipping one at home is a far better option.  Before getting into the DIY, let us understand what hair serums are and how they work.

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serums are a silicone-based product that coats the hair surface. It does not work like oil as it does not penetrate the hair cuticles or change the structure. Hair serums at best enhance your natural curls and smooth your hair down. Furthermore, hair serums also help to reduce the loss of hair by protecting the shaft and providing a protective barrier against heat damage.

How Does A Hair Serum Work?

The purpose of hair serum is to make your hair smooth, free of frizz and tangles, and to make it shinier. Moreover, good hair serum will also protect your hair against the sun’s harsh rays and the pollutants (dust, car exhaust fumes, and grim) from damaging your hair.

Why You Need A Hair Serum In Your Life?

Following are some of the reasons why you need a hair serum to be part of your life:

  1. Shinier healthy-looking locks with little to no tangles. Shinier locks are the ultimate hair goal. It also tames frizz and handles flyaway.
  2. Hair serums protect against dust and humidity.
  3. Low pH level holds the hair together, prevents it from getting damaged.
  4. Moisturizes and repairs hair damaged from repeated coloring. It also promotes the production of natural oils and therefore endorses hair growth.
  5. Prevents hair from losing moisture (getting too dry). Dry hair feels parched and rough giving it a dull, lifeless look. Hair serums provide a touchable softness and luster without making hair look shabby.
  6. It provides the best protection against heat either from the sun or from styling tools. Heat makes hair brittle. A spritz of hair serum will make your hair soft and hydrated.

With all these benefits provided by hair serums, why wouldn’t you want to keep one handy? Below is a list of ingredients and what makes them unique in using them to make a DIY hair serum. Let’s have a look at their benefits first.

Dried Nettle

It has a chock full of properties. It promotes hair growth and strengthens them while also simultaneously protecting against hair loss.

Aloe Vera Gel

It takes care of the scalp by repairing dead skin cells and getting rid of dandruff. Aloe vera will leave your hair looking shinier and fuller.

Jojoba Oil

Because of its high moisturizing properties, jojoba oil is used as a cure for dandruff. Furthermore, it helps to thicken hair and reduce hair loss.

Rosemary Essential Oil

It strengthens hair and stops hair loss.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

It nourishes hair and promotes hair thickness and growth.

Lavender Essential Oil

It increases the hair follicles and strengthens hair, making them fuller. Also, the smell of lavender is known to calm and put our mind in a relaxed state. Stress is a massive factor for hair loss.

diy6 the hair growth hair serum

Ingredients ⭐️

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1 Tbsp.

Dried Nettle

powdered chamomile 200x120

5 Drops.

Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary oil

5 Drops.

Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil

1/2 Tsp.

Jojoba Oil

oil bottle small

2 Tbsp.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel 200x120

1 Cup.


water bottle

3 Drops.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

oil bottle small

Glass Spray Bottle

Plastic Atomizer Bottle Pulverization Water . Glass Bottle Spray Lance With Trigger For Cleanliness Liquid. Refillable Package Device For Scour Fluid Realistic 3d Illustration

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How To Make 🥣

Step 1

Measure 1 cup water into a saucepan and bring to boil. Once boiled, add nettle and remove from heat.

Step 2

Steep this for 10-15 mins, followed by straining the water. Throw away the nettle.

Step 3

Pour your nettle water into your spray bottle with the aid of a funnel and let it chill.

Step 4

Once cooled, down, add the rest of the ingredients and shake the bottle once to mix in everything, and you’re done!

How To Use ❓

This serum can be applied to both wet or dry hair. First of all, spritz from roots to the ends of your hair. After that, let the serum soak into your hair for 30 mins at least. Lastly but importantly, do not rinse; proceed to style.

Notes 📌

This DIY serum has a life of 4 months. It requires refrigeration.

Use the serum daily if your hair are extremely damaged and dry.

For the best results, apply at night!

diy2 the hair growth hair serum

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